Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More Ideas for E4!!

Here are some more of my character ideas for my sting, for both the bird character and the tribesman.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ideas for E4 sting

Here are some of my quick ideas for a character, background etc. Keeping it simple and stylistic, and with a querky feel to it. these are initial ideas and need to be developed and so I will keep you updated with any changes.....

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NEW BRIEF!! E4 sting idea

For our new project we have to create a sting idea for the television company E4, using Flash for our animated clip. Looking at the other E4 stings that have been produced there seems to be a pattern occuring in the style in which they are produced. They seem to have a 'querkiness' about them, suited for a more youngadult/adult based audience. I intend to create a sting which fits in with this style but yet is hopefully a new and original idea. Looking forward to this project, first time animating since my first year.......I'll keep updating my blog with any new ideas that I think of, including character ideas, backgrounds, storyboards etc........

Recent project!! Using illustrator

My last project involved me using Adobe Illustrator for the first time. I had to create a background in which I would then colour on Illustrator. I decided to create a background which I could use for my minor project  (series pitch). At first I found Illustrator difficult to use but throughout the time I use it, I learned many new methods and techniques which helped me with my background idea.
My background idea is a view from within a cave looking out, beyond foliage and trees out into a city scape.
It is quite basic and some areas need work but I'm hoping with more time using this software that I can use it successfully for other aspects of my work. If theres any comments you would like to make please feel free.