Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Background Complete WOOOOOOO!!!

Saying complete there are still a few little bits and bobs I want to do to this background and the one below it to improve it...
 Anyway the idea behind these backgrounds were to have a shot from the reality scenario and imaginary scenario in my pitch idea. The reality shot takes place in a run down, beat up street and the imaginary scenario takes place in a set of ancient ruins and jungle scenery. I wanted the composition of the two to be very similar so you can see the transition between the two of them . Obviously some aspects were changed but the main layout was the same. I am pleased with the outcome of these yet there are a few tweaks here and there I could do to improve......

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ultimate Image!!

As part of our business in animation assignments we had to create an ultimate image which sums up you as an artist/designer etc. Almost a promotional image for yourself so to speak. I had a few ideas in mind for this. The first being, my characters that I have created throughout my time in university chasing me up a rope. The second being a caricature of myself holding my characters on my back in a similar pose to that of the Titan 'Atlas'. Thirdly, I intended to caricature my face, and have my ideas exploding and climbing out of the top of my head. I think any of these could have worked quite well but in the end I decided on something different. After getting a great idea from one of mates in Uni, I ended up creating a poker game scene. In which some of my final characters I have created in the last three years in Uni are playing against eachother. At the centre of the table is a cartoon version of myself. The lamp shining down on top of me creating an obvious focal point. Anyway here is what I cam up with. I am pleased with the outcome, there are some areas I would like to tweak if I had the time. And as every artist, never completely satisfied with his work. I am still quite pleased with the outcome. Hope you like.......

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A quick digital concept of a possible in situ shot

I haven't tried digital painting properly with this technique but here is a quick concept I created. I am pleased with it and I think it works well, the colours work well with each other and it gives a sense of atmosphere. I could have maybe made a few details in the background for further effect though. But as a first attempt I am pleased.